The Steve Harvey Morning Show

White Jury Issues, Scottie Pippen, Astroworld Fallout, Roscoe VS Q and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! That “Big T” include everybody. The Chief Love Officer is trying to save a well educated thundercat’s life because his thought process is emanating from the wrong side of the belt. Travis Scott has much to deal with from Astroworld’s fallout. Unguarded is Scottie Pippen’s new book that is out today. Steve breaks down the actualities of the jury selection process and how gamesmanship at a certain point may take precedence. The is a conspiracy against the pimp! Big thank you to Juicy B. from Charlotte for the sarcasm and colorful opinion on Steve’s voicemail! Would You Rather got some residual anger in it today. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has been chosen! Today in Closing Remarks, Steve tells us “don’t settle” and why.

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