Understanding Street Promotions and Marketing with Lucky Smith

Street teams and paid marketing organizations that display fliers, distribute sample discs, and pump up new albums among friends and scene members, have long been a vital part of record labels’ grassroots marketing efforts.

Artists are not natural business people, which is why they hire business managers and lawyers to manage the non-creative aspects of their careers. However, most independent artists do not have those kinds of resources at their disposal. As a result, con artists know that they can profit from your hopes and dreams.

Lucy Smith, better known as Lucky “The Promo King” hails from Indianapolis and has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years and has a track record for breaking upcoming and top tier artists throughout the mid-west region.

During this interview, we give valuable advice and explain why street marketing and digital promotions are crucial to your success and the things all artists should be careful to avoid.