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Trending CLO, NFL Draft, Vote for Tommy, Andrew Brown Autopsy and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Today is a new day and a brand new dawn. Ain’t you glad He did? The Chief Love Officer gets an insecure woman writing in about the little detail truck. The CLO is trending because of an old interview about men and women being friends. The Shade Room and Twitter have taken it to another level and we get clarification to say the least. Your favorite play cousin has a confession in Sports Talk. The CDC made an announcement pertaining to vaccination and Tucker Carlson from Fox News has made some repulsive comments. Vote for Fool #1 because he has been nominated for Best Dating Series Nomination at the upcoming MTV Movie and TV Awards. More evidence is coming forth regarding the shooting death of Andrew Brown, Jr. Today His Flyness wraps up the show with the real truth of how trends are set worldwide along with the role that African heritage plays behind those facts.

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