The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Tommy’s Voicemail, Junior’s V-Day, Hunter Biden, University of Alabama Murder and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  Crawl or jump?  In Ask Mr. Ready to Love, a woman is writing in to see if she is could very well be a sidepiece and nothing more.  Former basketball player Darius Miles from University of Alabama is charged with capital murder.  A fan of Ready to Love had some destructive criticism for someone on the show.  Your favorite play cousin maybe getting overwhelmed with this marriage thing especially as he approaches his first Valentine’s Day off the market.  Inside Junior’s Sports Talk, we find out that Dallas is moving on up!  A lady from Tennessee is writing in about her roommate’s cough.  Tyler Perry’s latest on BET got paternity tests, proposals, prison time and more.   Today in Closing Remarks, the crew wrap up with talks about marriage, separation, divorce and Ready to Love.

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