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Those in Quarantine, Healthy Immune System, Lionel Richie, Stimulus Bill and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Today’s show is dedicated to the quarantine. If you are on lock down, then we are here for you. Actively practicing social distancing, we are. So if you are in some type of quarantine, then this for you. Is arachnophobia a deal breaker for a wife or nah? Steve also answers a question regarding sidepieces and the quarantine. The Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be postponed. Idris Elba and his coronavirus test has become and issue with his production company. Steve helps us understand what is really happening with this Stimulus Package. We have the best foods that boost and keep the immune system healthy. Should we get a remake of We Are The World or nah? We give huge birthday shout out to Mississippi Monica’s Mimi! Happy 99th Birthday. Today in Closing Remarks, Mr. Steve speaks to us about the benefits of cussin’ and more.

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