The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Steve’s Grandkids, Comedy Roulette, Junior’s Grudge, JAB MITS and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Today’s show is for pastors, choir members, strippers and former drug dealers, plus more. Shirley also has a story about regret. The Chief Love Officer is facing a situation that involves the game UNO. Shirley Murdock has a song that translates to a bad memory for Our Fearless Leader. He does some commentary. Today the comedians talk about how people don’t decorate (Christmas decorations) like they used to. Steve gives us the reasons why he hates watching his grandkids. (Be prepared to run 10 miles IJS) Junior doesn’t forget and he tells us about the grudges he holds against his family members. The funniest grudge is the one he has with his daddy. Fool #2 is in the streets asking the people what their favorite Christmas songs are. The fellas have situations that may be seen that really ain’t none of yo damn business. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve shares with us the benefits of spending time with God in the morning.

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