The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Steve VS Lori’s B-Day Weekend, JRAP, Judge Steve, Jeezy’s New Baby and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! We don’t call him Our Fearless Leader for nothing. The Chief Love Officer has to explain some cultural differences and must shake the sugar honey iced tea out of a woman whose name rhymes with cafeteria. Capi season is in full effect and we have the battle of the birthday’s in the Harvey household. Junior got a special JRAP just in time for Uncle Steve’s birthday. What do you say when you want company to leave? Our favorite gentleman of leisure can’t help but share his thoughts on the postseason. The judge, jury and Kang are here baby. Judge Steve! Would You Rather tapped on high blood pressure, diabetes, photos and relations. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve reminds us why taking inventory is so important.

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