South Florida Sunday


Bishop Masters speaks about the importance of voting. The early voting period begins on October 19, and one of the sites is at Wells Gym. The healthcare act is on the ballot, as are education and housing.

He then offers an update on the City of Riviera Beach. On October 18, Mayor Felder will issue a proclamation on Black Lives Matter with the unveiling of a memorial parking lot at New Macedonia Baptist Church.

It is also an important occasion because attendees will include Diamond Reynolds, who filmed the murder of Fernando Castillo, as well as one of the “Central Park Five.” In addition, Ahmaud Arbery’s mother will also speak about her son’s murder, as will the families of other murder victims. That day also serves as the five-year anniversary of the killing of Corey Jones by a local police officer.

Following the unveiling, Councilman Douglas Lawson will lead a voting awareness caravan. Three charter buses will also be part of that event. The SOS Community Band will perform.

Masters concludes by stating that it remains too soon and unsafe to reopen local schools.