South Florida Sunday


Riviera Beach Councilman Douglas Lawson says new staff and hires are moving the city forward. The council has addressed mental health in the community, as well as conducting a disparity study. In terms of youth programs, the city hosted a drive-through grad bash, as well as a book bag giveaway.

In terms of COVID, the city is still adhering to CDC guidelines. City facilities are open for private events. As far as Black Lives Matter, officials have implemented policy to bring change to the community. Lawson has also traveled nationally for the cause. Regarding employment, Lawson explains that the focus is on offering training and workshops, and showcasing local business sectors.

The public health issue of closed restrooms in gas stations and other venues is also addressed. City officials are also working on education initiatives, including obtaining a grant to support activities at local schools. A 30-minute, monthly mentoring program is also underway. Schools are reopening cautiously, while offering a virtual option. Home day cares are also becoming popular, especially among retirees.