South Florida Sunday


Bishop Masters explains that the Youth Recreation Association and Dan Calloway will be sponsoring an event to feed 500 people in their cars at New Macedonia Baptist Church in Riviera Beach on Mother’s Day. McCray’s Bar-B-Que is providing the catering. In addition, several churches in the area are holding outdoor worship services.

Masters then speaks with members of the public regarding their concerns about the spread and risks of the coronavirus. One individual says the government is acting to open too quickly, and instead should be helping to meet the residents’ basic financial and health needs while the officials continue learning how to fully address the virus.

Anthony Paulk also discusses his recent trip to Ghana, where he established a non-profit organization to provide clothing, tools and household goods to the indigent and elderly there. He is collecting supplies and donations in a container located in Riviera Beach. The goal is to open a store in Ghana to provide jobs to needy people in the community. Paulk can be reached at (561) 294-3983.

Another local resident provides feedback regarding the increase in local violence. She supports more stringent gun laws and restrictions, especially for those under age 18. Another issue is gang retaliation and drug trafficking. To that end, she believes there should be more child care programs in the community, and mothers should spend more time with their children. In addition, teachers need to keep students focused on school work.

Maurice, owner of Intercoastal Chicken and Seafood, then discusses the impact of the pandemic on business. The restaurant has continued operating by offering takeout and feeding the homeless. They also plan to offer special deals for Mother’s Day.