South Florida Sunday


Bishop Masters provides an update on the Palm Beach Clergy Alliance. He says the House has passed a bill on police reform. The Alliance endorses and supports that proposed legislation. They want an immediate end to choke holds and strangle holds. In addition, a request is being made for all local municipalities to adopt body cameras that are automatically activated in emergency situations.

On another level, the Clergy Alliance is seeking to implement a police civil review board, to hold officers accountable to their communities. Psychological and sensitivity training could also be offered to future officers. Bishop Masters supports community policing, based on its successful implementation in other states and cities. That includes the possibility of a “PAL” program to mentor and develop youth. In continuing, Bishop Masters says it is important to have a hiring process focused on diversity on the police force.

Blackout Day took place on July 7. The goal was to support local businesses that encourage diversity and equal opportunity. Lastly, Bishop Masters speaks with local winning write-in candidate Rita Powell about her history of serving the public. She believes that “Black Lives Matter” is a strong movement, and there is a need for someone to represent the cause.