South Florida Sunday

South Florida Sundays

Mayor Masters and Lawanda Gibson, who represents AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse) provide an update on the Coronavirus, including handwashing techniques and other precautions the CDC recommends. It is also important to be more aware of avoiding hand-to-face contact and to clean surfaces and items regularly. Congregations and organizations are postponing large gatherings.

Gibson then discusses domestic abuse, explains it is learned and can occur in various forms, and offers statistics. For example, one in four women have experienced the issue, although men are also subject to it, as are youth. Warning signs include jealousy, isolation, treatment of others, verbal abuse. The keys to a healthy relationship are communication, consent, and compromise.

With that in mind, AVDA provides support services such as shelter, counseling, job searching assistance, and school mentoring. They will offer a workshop focused on overcoming domestic abuse on March 15 at New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Riviera Beach.