South Florida Sunday


Psychologist Dr. Claudia discusses ways to cope with anxiety surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. She says the difficulty is that there are multiple issues to consider, particularly around financial lifestyle. The important point is to consider the elements that an individual can control, and to focus on those. In addition, many employers are hiring. It is also critical to control one’s emotions and to consult with other people who can think rationally.

It is important to be cautious and to heed the warning of health officials, as people without symptoms can still be infectious for up to two weeks. Studies find that younger people are spreading it more often, particularly due to spring break. The pandemic is also resulting in “found time” for many people who do not have responsibilities such as work but who need to channel their energy into something positive. In addition, routines can provide structure and a sense of purpose and calm.

In the next segment, Mayor Masters says New Macedonia Baptist Church has begun providing free barbecue rib dinners on Sunday afternoons to the first 500 people on a drive-thru basis. He then takes time to speak with IT expert, Mr. Santamaria, about ways to avoid or overcome tech viruses during the pandemic and the stay-at-home order. Santamaria says there are various types of anti-virus software available for download. In terms of extending a cell phone’s battery life, it is important to close apps or to change the battery setting to low power, as well as to restart the phone at least once daily, and to keep it off while charging.

It is also important to establish an important account in order to sign up for and receive local, state and national health updates. Sites and apps such as Zoom, Skype, Hangout, and Messenger allow for video conferencing. There are also free online TV services and apps. However, it is important to confirm the websites and apps are legitimate and familiar, in order to avoid viruses and inappropriate content. Text messages also provide opportunities to communicate in groups and to set alerts. Mr. Santamaria then discusses proper methods for using computer restart and shutdown options, as well as for maintaining optimal performance by saving to individual folders rather than to the desktop, or to save to a flash drive or to the cloud. Taping or covering the webcam is another safety measure.