South Florida Sunday

South Florida Sunday With Mayor Masters

Bishop Masters speaks with Jose Ramirez, the owner of ECM Air Conditioning about a new technology for keeping air quality clean. The Reme Halo is a product used to help combat coronavirus. It is installed in the duct work of the air condition system, and neutralizes everything in the air, including pollen, bacteria and mold within three feet.

Another, similar product is a UV air purification light. It is hundreds of times more powerful than the sun. The company is also currently in need of at least 10 new associates. For more information:

In the next segment, Masters discusses the importance of taking ongoing precautions in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes the advantages of sufficient vitamin D and adhering to social distancing guidelines. He also speaks with a local parent about disappointment over the cancellation of graduation ceremonies. However, she believes it is too soon to begin reopening.