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Insurance adjuster Lawanna Byrd discusses assistance to homeowners who have property water and roof damage for nearly any reason. The process begins with a 30- to 45-minute comprehensive inspection, and the consultation is free. In addition, Byrd explains that the insurance companies typically will lowball the claim, impose a high deductible, or will deny the claim or not address all of the damage and possible coverage. She emphasizes that damage reduces the property value.

Her firm, FGF Claims, can also reopen denied claims from the past five years, and maximizes property insurance claims. She claims her firm is able to obtain 90 percent more money than the insurance companies can. In addition, the statute of limitations for Hurricane Irma, which occurred three years ago, claims ends in September 2020. For more information: (561) 307-8419, (407) 587-5553 or (305) 998-9511, or