South Florida Sunday

South Florida Sunday With Bishop Thomas Masters

Patrick Franklin of the Urban League explains that coronavirus is affecting African Americans disproportionately. He encourages people to stay home, continue social distancing, and wash their hands. Urban League staff members are working remotely and conducting case management on their 22 free programs as usual. Those include housing, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, youth and job training initiatives. On another note, Franklin says an accurate community count in the census determines city, county, state and federal funding for several initiatives. Lastly, the organization is conducting an online fundraising campaign to raise $30,000 to obtain $100 gift cards for Urban League families affected by the pandemic.

In the next segment, Riviera Beach councilman Doug Lawson says the city will soon be launching its publicly-funded COVID-19 testing site for residents. He explains it is important to obtain accurate test numbers. To schedule an appointment, contact: (561) 318-0280. Hours are from May 2 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with additional days and times to be announced.

In addition, residents can also expect fresh fruits and vegetables to be provided at Wells Outlet each week for the next two months. The goal is to address the “food desert.” Meanwhile, the city is following suit with the county and state in terms of reopening venues and offering services, although city officials will make the final decisions.

West Palm Beach Commissioner Corey Neering is recognized for his financial contribution to feed people at New Macedonia Church every Sunday. Lastly, Sister Yvonne discusses her “Island Girl” catering business.