South Florida Sunday


Reverend Dr. JR Thicklin, president of the Palm Beach County Clergy Alliance, discuss the group’s ongoing initiatives. On Sunday, June 28, the alliance will be holding a march for clergy and parishioners throughout the county from Friendship Missionary Baptist Church on Third Street to the Palm Beach County Courthouse. It is meant to dismantle racism and bring about justice regarding inequalities.

They will address the issue of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office not having bodycams, and calling for chokeholds to be banned. In addition, the group will call for a meeting of the minds, with a focus on honesty, accountability, and real change.

He says white clergy need to challenge their underlying biases and racism. They must denounce racism, and also examine the structural aspects of their church. Thicklin adds that white pastors also need to listen to black clergy to understand their plight and to learn from it.

Additionally, young people have been critical in effectuating change through protests, largely due to social media. Pastors will also be examining the possibility of advocating to change the names of certain racist landmarks and roads that represent the Confederacy.

In terms of law enforcement reform, the true need is in redistributing responsibility and funding, rather than defunding the police. There is also a need for a police civilian review board to truly protect and serve.