South Florida Sunday

South Florida Sunday With Bishop Masters

Mayor Masters provides a Coronavirus update. He discusses the differences in symptoms and characteristics between the disease and a common cold. The virus does not typically survive in hot conditions. Droplets reach the ground within six to 10 feet. They can survive on a metal surface and fabric for up to 12 hours. Laundry detergent will typically kill the virus, as will drinking warm water frequently. Hand washing is emphasized, as the droplets only live on hands for five to 10 minutes. Gargling with salt and warm water is an effective prevention method.

Initial symptoms typically include a sore throat and affect the trachea. The onset of pneumonia brings high fever and difficulty breathing. In addition, the nasal congestion is more extreme than that which comes with a cold or flu.

In terms of worship services, most congregations plan to continue with regular services for as long as possible. They are “activating their faith.” Prayer lines are also available. Masters also urges the use of vigilance and common sense, and encourages listeners to continue to rely on physicians and other health care providers.

An organization hiring returning citizens is still looking to fill positions. The contact number is (561) 494-5104.