The Steve Harvey Morning Show

“Sister O’dell, Breonna Taylor, Michigan Senate, Obama and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve cannot wait until November 3. He is tired straight up!!! Sister O’dell has a memory from Birmingham just for us. Tomorrow will be the last Presidential Debate and there are new rules. Anonymous juror #1 from the Breonna Taylor case released an explosive statement regarding being told by the grand jury about not getting certain charges to stick. The Chief Love Officer can’t help but be honest with a young man that is with a mercenary. The Dodgers won Game 1 of The World Series. Steve has a warning when it comes to Republican candidate John James VS Democratic candidate Gary Peters. Obama will be in Philadelphia to personally campaign for Biden-Harris. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve talks about the deception that people are following in terms of Trump and what we need to do to get him out of office.

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