The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Rock N Roll HOF, Shirley and Carla Happy Hour, Reality Update, Sheryl Underwood and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! The crew is happy and you know it. The Chief Love Officer tells a woman to stop having relations in her father’s store. An imposter Bruno Mars dupes a 63 year old woman out of $100K because she thought they would be together. “Don’t believe me just watch!” LMBAO!!! Is skipping Valentine’s Day to save money a good thing or nah? Could we see Bow Wow in the WWE? Escape with the ladies of the show today at 4pm/EST on Facebook Live. Basketball Wives is back and they are working on their sisterhood for Season 9. The show wraps up today with Shirley and Carla promoting their happy hour. Someone said Tommy’s favorite word, btw.

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