Strawberry Letter

Sexy and Stinky

Dear Steve and Shirley,

My man is so handsome sexy very smart and loved by everyone. He is so patient with me and he spoils me rotten. I love this man and I want to be more affectionate with him but I can’t because it’s darn breath stinks. We have been off and on for two years and his breath is a part of the reason the sex is great but I have to keep my head on the pillow because of his breath. He kisses and leaves a smell on my neck. He won’t go get his teeth checked even though he’s got good insurance. I mean the odor is bad and it hits you hard especially in the morning. Oh boy. My 3 year old daughter has even asked him to brush his teeth. Now don’t get me wrong I have brought this up numerous times and I’m about to make him a dental appointment. I’m about to let it all out and say baby your breath is terrible and you know it. 

Please help. I love this man, but this odor is tearing our relationship apart.
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