The Steve Harvey Morning Show

San Francisco Reparations, Belated B-Day VM,, Year 66 Recap and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  That workout and hand strength tho.  Steve talks about his German chocolate cake during his birthday recap.  Could San Francisco be giving eligible Black folks $5M a piece for reparations?  The CLO says some painful truth to a married woman that is not getting eye contact or kisses from her husband.  Steve gets some belated birthday wishes from Bad News, VA in his voicemail.  It was Hella Hyphy at The White House baby!  Taxes and hot sauce was covered in Would You Rather.  Straight from the innanet, a lady hit her glass ceiling at the job and Steve points out the only thing she can do.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve parallels his past to a history lesson because it could be the most valuable thing in your life. 

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