The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Samuel L. Jackson, JAB Kanye Parody, Netlix, Ellen’s Severance Package and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! He is in studio and it’s bittersweet. J. Anthony Brown is handling the love questions for today and he does not disappoint! Netflix is acting like the ugly best friend and is blocking access. Kim K has found herself a new banana! A North Carolina school is begging for a beat down. Who did it better The Houston Rockets mascot or 50 Cent? Comedy Roulette brings you the things you say to co-workers that missed work for a long time to let them know things have changed. The parting gift Ellen has may make her soon to be former staffers millionaires. Would You Rather involved Bitterman and it covered Tommy’s phone. The show wraps up with hate and Fool #2 is right when he said that there is no explaining that.

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