The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Roscoe Wallace, Sexiest Man Alive, James Harden, Quarantine Advice and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!” Did Roscoe Wallace make an appearance. The Chief Love Officer calms a woman’s nerves that is dealing with a neighbor that got way to close for comfort. Lil’ Wayne is facing 10 years after being charged with firearm possession. There are members of The Steve Harvey Nation that could not hold their opinions of 45 when they called in. Congratulations to Michael B. Jordan on being PEOPLE’S Sexiest Man Alive. In Sports Talk, Junior talks about the 2020 NBA Draft going down tonight. Steve also has sound advise for people living with their significant other during these quarantine times. Big Dog also talks about his Thanksgiving plans. We are now seeing that their is more to Junior’s music playlist than just Jodeci. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve reminds 45 that he needs to pay for his transgressions. “The gig is up!”

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