The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Ron Isley Birthday, Bitterman COVID Shots, Comedy Roulette, Kier’s Hope and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! We get the greatest lounge singer on earth making this a Happy Friiiiday!!!! The Chief Love Officer does some translation for a lady in the DR. A$AP Rocky is in love with Rihanna and he ain’t holding nothing back. Fool #2 gives us a list of things that you put in your body that you have no idea what the hell is in there. We wish Ron Isley a very Happy 80th Birthday. Was LBJ’s shot luck or nah? Junior talks about his upcoming event that will raise funds for families dealing with Sickle Cell for Christmas. Here go the things you say to yourself to keep you from whooping somebody’s behind. Today the crew wrap up by talking about the best male vocalist that they have ever heard.

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