The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Prince Harry, Bulldogs Back 2 Back, Early Celebrations, $1B Plus Jackpot and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  Are you looking for progress and positivity?  The CLO gets a question about on the job violence.  The only Black in Buckingham Palace is here to share his thoughts on the Royal Spare.  Steve has a problem solver for people’s health journey.  Is there a time when you did some celebrating way too early?  The Mega Millions has been growing past the billion mark and it’s still going up.  Steve has advice for Miss Wacky’s boyfriend.  It’s Back 2 Back for The Georgia Bulldogs!  There is sex and hate inside Would You Rather.  Today in Closing Remarks, we get this quote.  “Behind every moment of adversity, there is a lesson and a blessing.”

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