The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Presidential Fart, Paper Goods, Astroworld Development, Church Complaints and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Someone murdered Prince! The loss of breath only means one thing. Plus too many Black Bastards marched in Georgia. The CLO helped a young lady with low self-esteem out and he also answers the question about who pays for the first date. Someone got escorted off the stage in Duval. Bitterman aka “The Darkness” of The Steve Harvey Morning Show sees something bright for the holidays. The lawsuits from Astroworld are coming. Pimpin’ is back to say, “called it” and his picks are in. Today, Would You Rather is answered by the ladies of the show. Comedy Roulette takes us to place where the truth will not do. A royal from across the pond had something to say about Biden. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve plays something 3 times in a row for anyone that is going through it.

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