The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Pimpin’ NFL Picks, R. Kelly Jury Selection, Verzuz Battle $28M, Mr. Johnson from GA and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  What is the importance of showing up?  Stupid brothers, political differences and the stalkarazzi made it to the desk of The CLO.  Swizz and Timbo got a $28 million issue with Triller.  Have you ever been embarrassed by your parents as they dropped you off for your first day of college?  Mr. Johnson from GA called in about a comment Steve made about the 6 year old with malt liquor and Big Dog gave him some candor.  Pimpin’ is back with his NFL picks today.  Is Trump a criminal or nah?  Steve is speaking loudly as he shares his opinion on grilling.  Would You Rather got Steve sharing his inner monologue.  Today in Closing Remarks, Uncle Steve had some words of encouragement for a member of The Steve Harvey Nation. 

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