The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Pimpin’ Kanye Gift Lil’ Wayne Trump and more

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Big Dog treats us to a mini concert as he opened the show. My Place anyone, anyone? The Chief Love Officer explains the calm before the storm to a older wannabe playa! Lil’ Wayne openly expresses his support for Donald Trump due to his track record on prison reform. J. Anthony Brown has suggestions for Biden to do right when he gets into the White House. Our resident poet has a special Halloween Poem just for us. Pimpin’ is back with his all walnut half shells jacket and he gives us his NFL week 8 picks. Yeezy gave his wife Kim K an incredible hologram of her father, the late Robert Kardashian, Sr. Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog reminds us about Trump straight up. “It’s GO Time!” – Steve Harvey

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