The Steve Harvey Morning Show

PHILLY, Trump Accusations, Flava In Ya Ear, Poll Workers and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! It is a glorious morning and Steve has awakened to Biden taking the lead in Georgia! The Chief Love Officer guides a man that has a manipulative ex-girlfriend with twins that he helped raise. 45 got to the podium on Thursday and just started uttering baseless accusations about the election. Lawrence from Philly got the brand new flava in ya ear and breaks down Trump’s next move. Dave from GA is saying, “Come on Biden, come on Biden, come on Biden!” Hope called in and made Steve run around the room. Philly came through in a BIG way and His Flyness thanks sports and strippers for their contributions. Huge shout out to all the poll workers for their hard work. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve says, “We don’t want you on our @$$, back up and get out the White House let me pay for the moving truck!”

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