South Florida Sunday


Patrick Franklin, CEO of the Urban League, speaks with civil justice lawyer Salecia Smith-Garden. She discusses meeting the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her fight for equality in various facets of life. Roe vs. Wade represents one of the key cases. Equal pay was another one of Ginsberg’s landmark decisions. Smith-Garden explains that the Supreme Court cannot make laws, but that Ginsberg always provided a path to the law in her dissents.

The court now faces the potential of a 6-3 decision with the nomination of ultra-conservative jurist Amy Coney Barrett fill the seat. To that end, all previously decided matters could be reexamined. Smith-Garden explains that in her opinion, Republicans consider party before country. She therefore emphasizes the need to vote.

The most significant issue in this election is to educate young people how to turn protests into policy. Part of that process is to show people how policies affect their lives. In terms of voting methods, Smith-Garden is concerned about problems developing on Election Day. She suggests early voting. Mail-in voting could result in issues. A sample ballot is available on the Super of Elections website at October 5 is the deadline to register to vote or change any information. Early voting begins October 19 and ends November 1 at 18 countywide locations.