South Florida Sunday


Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Wendy Sartory Link explains that voter’s registration continues through October 5. The three ways to vote are vote by mail, early voting, and Election Day voting. Vote-by-mail ballots must be requested at least 10 days before the election, and the process is safe and reliable.
Individual registration information may also be verified and changed at through that date. It is important to know one’s voting precinct. Signature changes may be verified in person, and such changes can be made through mail. Voters have until 5 p.m. on November 5 to cure signature deficiencies and have their ballot counted. Addresses can also be changed at the polls, but the person must then go to their new precinct.
Mail ballots can also be submitted at one of four offices or at the 18 voting sites countywide through November 3. In addition, early voting runs October 19 through November 1 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and can be done at any site, including the new Greenacres and East Delray sites. Wait times are updated online. Residents may register to vote online at through October 5, or may do so at the four offices throughout the county.
The office will begin counting ballots 22 days before Election Day, and the process is open to the public. On Election Day, voters must go to their assigned precinct to cast their ballot with blue or black ink. In addition, sample ballots will be sent to those who did not request a mail ballot before early voting. The four-sided ballot contains six constitutional amendments. Workers will be sanitizing the locations.
Poll workers are needed. Training and orientation is conducted online. Applicants must be a minimum of age 16. Pay runs from $190 to $320 for the day. Training last from two to six hours, depending on the position. Positions include Voter Service Technicians, among others. Early voting workers tend to have more experience.
Officials have purchased new equipment to detect and prevent voter fraud. Voting twice is a third-degree felony. The fine is $5,000 or five years in prison. Those who appear and insist they have not yet voted will be given a provisional ballot. The canvassing board will then decide whether to accept that ballot. The office has recruited more workers to avoid or minimize staffing issues. They are hiring additional rovers and field clerks as well. The first results to be posted will be the mail ballots and early voting. Officials anticipate an 80 percent turnout rate in total.