South Florida Sunday


With a month until the election, Urban League CEO Patrick Franklin and WMBX’s Don Chris speak to local youth about voting. Guests include Janine Tinsley, co-founder of Freedom Fighters for Justice and a licensed mental health clinician; Bryce Graham, of the National Action Network; and Weidmayer Pierre, founder and CEO of the Reformers Movement.

Issues include addressing youth apathy on voting with education and engagement. The problem, the guests say, is a transition to a “luxury” society. They don’t want youth to be intimidated from voting. There is also a lack of discussions on voting in Black families and homes. To that end, Urban League held a voting drive on October 3.

It is important to engage and canvass the streets. Social media is also an important component. The focus should be on targeting the youth who are unlikely to vote. With that in mind, it is important to include families in the process to take the initiative. In addition, it is important to gain the trust of younger people through consistent mentoring and involvement at venues that youth frequent.

The first debate is also discussed. The guests describe disappointment in the tone of the debate. For that reason, it is important to vote and get involved. All votes count. The deadline is register is October 5, while early voting begins October 19. Urban League will provide buses to take people to the polls. There is also an event at Gaines Park on October 4 to motivate youth to vote.