The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Oscar Talk, Shock G, The Nigerian Nightmare, Smoke Thoughts and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! The whole crew is in the building including Bitterman and he has somethings that he needs to get off his chest. The Chief Love Officer addresses a letter about a beautiful woman and her stankin’ @$$. Church Complaints is back and there is a problem with one of the Deacons and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The celebration of life memorial service for DMX was held this past Saturday. Finally after 50 years of staying on the shelf, Summer of Soul will be in theaters and on Hulu July 2. Our resident connoisseur of trees tells us what is on his mind. These are not jokes. They are just smoke thoughts. The Nigerian Nightmare knocked Masvidal the F OUT! Inside Comedy Roulette, we get the things losers say to congratulate winners at the Academy Awards. The trial for former Louisville police officer Brett Hankison, who was involved in the death of Breonna Taylor, has been delayed. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve encourages us to stop waking up without a plan and also leaves us with wisdom from Thomas Edison.

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