The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Nelly Apology, Vegas Trip, Big Dog’s VM, V-Day Weekend Gift and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Is your real face better or nah? The Chief Love Officer has a couple things to tackle in pre-marital cohabitation and the cheat day. Wanna see Silk Sonic for free? Someone went too far with the criticism in the VM and got corrected. Nelly is getting the short end of the stick from his send button debacle. The Olympic hood report from China is here! Gin & Juice is still up in the air and we hope it makes the cut for the Halftime Show. Uncle Steve is here to make sure a member of The Steve Harvey Nation passes the test. Would You Rather boiled down to sensitivity or taste. Big Dog wraps the show with sound advice for the fellas as we near the 14th.

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