The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Toothless Men, Church Complaints, Trump’s Pants, Darkness and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve is restless, calm and all that. The Chief Love Officer asks a listener from NY a specific question. The mass choir is wondering about whether they can sing with their mask on or off and Pastor Motown gives his answer. We give our condolences to the family of actor Clarence Williams III who passed away on Friday. Fool #2 has some interesting things to say about Patty Pies, Section 8 and The Three Little Pigs. What’s up with Trump’s pants? Big Dog gives us his take on what happened in MIA on Sunday. In trending tennis news, big ups to #756! Who is the N-word Cowboy? Today the show wraps up with a question for The CLO from his bitter friend.

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