The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Multiple Baby Mamas, COVID Kids, Beard Press N Curl, Kells and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Tommy mentions something that will make you take a couple steps back. Bitterman has a letter involving security camera footage that will make you say “Gahhhdog!” There will be a remake of Candyman and Jordan Peele wrote it. How many men have not gotten the cat because they didn’t walk the dog? There is an alarming rate of pediatric COVID-19 cases on the rise as of late and schools have much to address before students return in the Fall. Your favorite play cousin is happy to report about the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Nick Cannon wants more kids and gives us his opinion about marriage. There is a video out there that involves a man whose beard is out-there. Today the show wraps up with J. Anthony Brown talking about your life story.

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