The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Mo’Nique Attacks Steve, Uvalde Donor, Celtics VS Warriors, $1500 Easy Money and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  It’s all meat today and no sides.  The CLO has situations that needs attention to say the least.  Go to and see what it takes to put $1500 in your pocket.  Mo got triggered and attacked the two Kings in Detroit.  According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, an anonymous donor will pay for the funerals for all the victims of the shooting.  Someone got knocked TF Out by Tank Davis!  June 29, Chocolate Droppa got something epic, historical and just plain awesome for us.  Uncle Steve talks about how the Black experience differs and how quickly it transfers over.  This round of Would You Rather was daring, delectable and delicious.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve speaks about learning from mistakes and is shocked that he shares the same opinion about something with his nephew.

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