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Mentoring Camp, MTH, Wedding Day Regrets, Champ Death and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve reflects on his Father’s Day and his gifts. Big Dog gets a special gift from is daughter. There will be a fight inside the congregation and Pastor Motown got $200 on it. 37,000 young men checked in this passed weekend for Steve’s Mentoring Camp. Fool #2 murders an original for all the dads who don’t get a lot of love. There is a number to call that will alert your state senator to support the For the People Act. Steve and Junior can’t help but talk about KD and his shoe size. What do you regret not doing on your wedding day? The White House has reported that 46’s dog Champ passed away at the Biden family home in Delaware. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve reflects on a text message he got from a friend that reminded him of his father.

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