Strawberry Letter

Man Problems

Dear Steve,

I’m a 38 year old lady. I am a successful lady with a number of degrees, own my own home and car. I guess none of that really matters when it comes to love. My problem is I know this guy who wants to get back with me. We were together a long time ago. We attend the same church and have the same friends. My friends keep telling me that I should give the brother a chance. Now Steve he doesn’t have a car nor a place to call his own. He is 40 years old no steady job because of health problems health issues. He will work. I do love him but Steve I want someone who can bring something to the table. I know love is important but Steve a little security will help a little bit more. What do you think I need to do. Marriage is a serious step and I’ve got to be sure. Prayer is the only way I know. Just wanted to get a male point of view.
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