The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Lori Harvey Essence, Negative Thoughts, Damar Hamlin, Powerball Jackpot and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  It’s that NEW NEW and it’s your time.  The CLO is dealing with all kinds of sugar honey iced tea when it comes to dysfunctional marriages.  Lori Harvey is on the cover of Essence.  Is Gabrielle Union a cheater?   Steve got some negative thoughts for the crew just in time for 2023.  What’s up with the Mega Millions tho?  Facebook brings us a generous soul and an upset SO.  We are praying for Damar Hamlin.  There are STD’s and long life in the first Would You Rather of 2023.  Today in Closing Remarks, Steve mentions the wise saying.  “This too shall pass.”

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