The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Kim K, Kanye, Fool #2 Commercial, Tupac in Kentucky and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! “Hold on, stop, wait a minute, don’t stop get it get it!” We salute and dedicate this show to all the sanitation workers. Happy Friday it’s the first of the month. According to Fool #2, if these things happen to you or you get caught in a certain situation, then stay yo @$$ at home. Brandy stops by the show to discuss new music and the latest in her life. Has the quarantine caused friction between Kim and Kanye? J. Anthony Brown has another commercial just for you. Everything 45 says contradicts what the doctors say and what the governors are going to do. Did 2Pac file for unemployment in Kentucky or nah? Today in Closing Remarks, Uncle Steve expresses his frustration with the government and their claims, plus he offers a solution.

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