The Steve Harvey Morning Show

KD Nets, Rashard Brooks, R&B Is Dead, LLWS Racism and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  What is the language of success?  The CLO got the answers Sway.  What’s up with Bonnie & Clyde 2022?  The officers involved in the death of Rashard Brooks will not be facing murder or assault charges.  We have a concerned mother and a scary wife leaving messages today in Steve’s voicemail.  How much is Kevin Durant being paid to stay in Brooklyn?  Is Diddy trippin’ with his words about R&B or nah?  The Little League World Series is not looking good right now.  We get to hear Steve mock a bull in Would You Rather.  Today in Closing Remarks, a member of The Steve Harvey Nation gave Steve the assist.  He also goes into a discussion about his faith and credits his mother for all of it. 

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