The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Karen’s Mouth, 44’s Birthday, Black Realtor, Kanye West and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Have you tried J’s Nuts? Bitterman explains the benefits of a outta nowhere backhand (insert sound effect here). A Crown Royal bag was found inside the Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem and it is comedy to say the least (What is that velvet?). It went down like bird Sugar Honey Iced Tea at Martha’s Vineyard! J. Anthony Brown lays out the truth for fellas that are just entering manhood. Unnecessary use of force in Wyoming, Michigan leaves a 15 year old traumatized. Let Junior’s poem for the Men’s USA Basketball Team be! We get the things a Karen will say to black people inside Comedy Roulette. Kanye pushes back the release date of his upcoming album to maybe August 13. Today the show wraps up with “The Juice” and he is lying to the end.

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