The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Kamala Harris, Bitterman’s Bible Moments, Mother’s Day, Kentucky Derby and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! We come to elevate, motivate, atriculate, annihilate and cause you to defecate! The first person writing in prompts The CLO to issue a warning about the things that don’t make Google. Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are trending and Steve got a gym story about The Sexiest Man Alive. Bitterman brings us some situations from the Bible that have light cussin’ attached to them. His Flyness has some fun facts about Black jockeys in The Kentucky Derby. According to a new survey about Mother’s Day, we find out about another gift that mother’s really could benefit from. Vice-President Kamala Harris made some comments about racism in this country that may have not been worded correctly. Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog mentions The Willie Lynch Letter and Jim Crow as he gives us his opinion on the comments made by Vice-President Kamala Harris.

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