The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Junior’s Limericks, MTH, Easter Speeches, Verzuz Battle and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! Steve has some tunes that he sings for us to start off the show today. Wedding photographers have the best perspective when it comes to seeing red flags during a wedding. Steve has a list! Your favorite play cousin got some new short stories about the crew. Have you ever seen a kid’s Easter speech go bad? Fool #2 murders an original just in time for Easter. Big Dog gives us the things you will see in church on Easter. The fellas talk about the people they hate on the job. Steve is talking to the cool people because the upcoming Verzuz battle between EWF and The Isley Brothers is “cool people music” straight up! Today His Flyness wraps up the show by sharing with us his thoughts about Earth Wind and Fire. Have a great weekend!

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