The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Jon Ossoff Interview, JAB BEM, Carol For A Cause and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! The crew warns about the holiday okie-doke. “What out there now!” (proceeding to run ten miles) In Ask Bitterman, J. Anthony Brown has some sound advice for a single man that begins with “Nick please…………” LMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has a new movie ‘Soul” that asks the question, “What makes you, you?” This will be available Christmas Day on Disney Plus. Jon Ossoff is here to discuss control of the United States Senate along with healthcare, stimulus, civil rights and early voting. Just like The Washington Football Team, the Cleveland Indians will be changing their name as well. Black Elves Matter and Fool #2 is here to air out their grievances. Despite the ban placed on her singing, our girl Shirley still has something good for a cause. Today the show closes with the crew talking about William Barr leaving the White House like a Black person.

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