The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Jared Kushner, Tom Brady, Sheryl Underwood, Carla’s Reality Update and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! This show is for the frontliners. We are dedicated to the removal of the incumbent in The White House! The Chief Love Officer addresses yodeling between a couple during relations. The crew answer an interesting question from social media. 45’s son-in-law made some controversial racial comments about Black folks and 44 fired back swiftly. Tom Brady has been called out for his IG post about suicide and COVID-19. Our girl from The Talk has a warning and some directions for us about voting. 45’s former Apprentice protege was on a U.K. talk show talking about her time with Trump. Someone from Keeping Up With The Kardashians contracted COVID-19 and Miss Carla also reminds us about “Sexy Tommy” and Ready To Love in Reality Update. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve reminds us of the rude awakening 45 will face on November 3rd along with the one job that WE have.

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