The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Jaime Harrison Interview, MTH, Cardi B., Angela Bofill and more.

Good morning and welcome to the ride! The entire crew is present and accounted for and Steve introduces himself to start the show. The Chief Love Officer has a reality check for a 37 year old man that was given 3 aluminum trays full of food from the pastor’s sister. Will Praise Strippers be allowed in the Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem or nah? R&B singer Angela Bofill has confirmed that she is not dead because she was the victim of a death hoax. US Senatorial candidate Jaime Harrison stops by to talk about Medicaid expansion and has a specific message for voters in South Carolina. In Sports Talk with Junior there is poetry for someone in Tampa Bay along with pure elation from His Flyness. Fool #2 murders another one in the spirit of Bill Withers. Cardi B. has her own line of pork grinds to be sold at Walmart that has a political initiative attached to it. Today in Closing Remarks, Steve played for us a message from Kevin Murriel, who is Senior Pastor at Cascade Methodist Church in Atlanta.

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