The Steve Harvey Morning Show

J-Lo, A-Rod, Maxine Waters, Ketchup Shortage, Kells and more.

Good morning and welcome to ride! “How cool is it to be able to say good morning?” The Chief Love Officer explains the power of a fresh fade and how rare it is to get eyebrows arched along with that. Blue Cheese and Fat Joe have a suit in common and the people are voting. Auntie Maxine has spoken and gave her permission to Jim Jordan to shut his mouth! Derek Chauvin pleads the 5th. Junior congratulated Hideki Matsuyama on winning the 2021 Masters Tournament. The “Pied Piper of R&B” may have to pay money to a Mississippi Sheriff for having an affair with his wife. Is there a ketchup shortage in America? Today in Closing Remarks, Steve reflects on a conversation that he had with an anonymous high ranking African official.

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